Idaho's Finest Class A CDL
Training Facility


Q         How old do I have to be to get my CDL?

A          The law states that you have to be 18 years of age and have had a regular class D Driver’s License for a term of at least one year. Furthermore, You cannot drive across state lines until you have reached age 21.


Q         How long does it take to complete the course?

A          Anywhere between one and four weeks depending on the course that best fits your needs.


Q         How often do classes start at Top Gun Truck Driving Academy?

A          We start new students every other Monday. However, because of the way our course is designed, we can start a student any day of the week that we are open for classes. This is because the course is meant to fit the student not the other way around.


Q         How large is your average classroom size?

A          On average there will be six students at a time in the classroom.


Q         How many days will I be in the classroom?

A          This is where our classes differ greatly from other schools. Each student can expect to spend a portion of each day in in each training section. This way the student isn’t sitting in a classroom all day or in a truck all day either. Breaking up these training sessions give a student time to absorb the new information in-between sections. This keeps students more involved and more likely to learn the needed information.


Q         How many days will I be attending the course?

A          This depends on the course you choose and your individual needs. However, our regular classes run Monday thru Thursday. We start at 7:00am and stay until 5:00pm.


Q         What endorsement will I get?         

A          Each student has the option of getting Tankers, Double &Triples and Hazardous material (provided they qualify).


Q         Do I have to have a DOT Physical to start the course?

A          You don’t have to have your DOT physical to start the course but a medical exam is required before you drive a commercial vehicle and we can assist you in setting up that exam.